Chicken Fat and Booze: Rest in Peace, Steve Crosno

Chicken fat and booze. That was my favorite line when Steve Crosno was a powerhouse on El Paso radio, and he used it often in his efforts to make us laugh. For example, someone would ask: “What’s for lunch at El Paso Tech?” The response was Crosno’s clip: “Chicken Fat and Booze.” And, boy, I cracked up.


He would get into arguments with children, who would often come out on top by putting Crosno down. For example, a little girl’s voice would say: “Steve Crosno is so dumb.” Another voice would chime in: “How dumb is he?” The response would be something like: “Well, he thinks that a Quarterback is a refund.” Or words to that effect. You know, the jokes were corny, but the way Steve said them, they became hilarious.

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Tracks Of My Tears: A Personal Reflection (Paperback)

Tracks Of My Tears: A Personal Reflection

Tracks of my Tears is a true account of a man’s search for his purpose in life and realization of those who affected his growth throughout the years of his childhood, adolescences, and adulthood. It is a reflection that has brought about the realization of the true human being that exists within this man. It is a journey back through turmoil, self-destruction, and abuse while finding the light that would become his savior. Tracks of my Tears, though told from a Chicano barrio cultu (more…)

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