from Ian Levin on youtube:

“Treasured memories of my lovely sweet and fabulous Saundra, who passed away in 2002. Here she is singing one of her biggest hits with the Elgins, “Darling Baby”, and just so glad to get back in the studio again after so many years away from recording. This was in 1990. Saundra was the original lead singer of The Elgins, that legendary Motown group of three men with one female lead singer. The guys on their own were originally The Downbeats in 1962, with the three guys, Johnny Dawson, Norman McLean, and Duke Miller. They added a girl lead singer in 1965, Saundra Edwards, and recorded such classics as “Heaven Must Have Sent You” and “Put Yourself In My Place”. In 1968 Saundra left and Yvonne Allen joined Motown and took over as lead singer. When The Elgins reformed for Motorcity, Yvonne stayed as lead singer, and although I wanted to record Saundra, no-one knew where she was. We finally tracked her down in Carolina, at a time when she wanted to return to Detroit anyway, and I recorded more than an album’s worth of material on her, much of which has never been released to this day. I spent years thinking she was still alive, and was heartbroken when I learned of her passing. She stayed with me for three weeks back in 1991, and we really cut some great stuff on her, much of it co-written with Pamela Sheyne, long long before she wrote Christina Aguilera’s hits. The twenty one songs we have in the can on Saundra are some of the finest songs of my career. Sadly this is the last video footage we have of her that hasn’t been seen before.”

rosie & the originals is here too:

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