Important Announcement

  • We are suspending school visit program and general visits to OIST campus including the café and restaurant until further notice due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Please continue to check this website, as the information will be updated as the situation changes.
  • If you are interested in collaborating with us in research and other business, please Contact Us.

We appreciate your understanding.

Community Activities

OIST in the Local Community

OIST is a graduate university open to the local community, and part of its mission is to contribute to the development of Okinawa. The Community Relations Section contributes to this goal by strengthening ties with the surrounding community through programs.

Campus Tour with Staff Guides

The Community Relations section offers guided campus tours for individuals and customized tours for industry, government, and local organizations.

Student Tour Guides

Weekend Tours with Student Guides

On the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month, students lead tours of the OIST campus. The guides are current OIST students who study and do research at the university.

Student-led weekend tours begin in July 2017.

OIST Weekend Tours (Every 2nd and 4th Saturday)

School Visits

By bringing local students to OIST, the University hopes to spark students' interest in science and technology with the hope that more young people will consider science careers. At the same, the University hopes that introducing students to a truly international education and research environment will increase their motivation to study English. The University also provides a visit program targeted at designated "Super Science High Schools" outside the prefecture and schools with special courses in science and technology.

School Visit Details

Science Festival at OIST

Science Festival is an annual event open to all residents of Okinawa. This event aims to increase understanding of the University by giving Okinawa's citizens the chance to directly experience the latest in science and technology and a get glimpse of OIST research activities.

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Science Festival 2021 was held on January 30th, 2021


This event is designed to promote senior high school students’ hands-on science education and interest in entrepreneurship, as well as support the approach "English-Oriented Prefecture Okinawa."

Read about SCORE!

Events for Children

To inspire enthusiasm for science in younger children, the Community Relations Section proactively participates in local science events and sponsors programs like the "Children's School of Science," an annual experimental science class for Onna Village elementary students. The Section also brings the fascination of science to remote islands and schools through on-site science lectures and participatory, hands-on classes.

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Cultural E?vents

Cultural events like Jazz and Classical music concerts and art exhibitions serve to enrich the surrounding area while bringing local residents to campus and deepening their relationship with the University.

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