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Don Dungan ‘67, June 11, 2007 Malicio Oolibarthy was a fictional character that Steve Crosno, the late El Paso disc jockey used to refer to. It was just one of those odd things that I find myself recalling from our collective, odd Northeast El Paso heritage. Crosno used to have a live TV show called Crosno”s Hop and remember watching my brother, David do the Bop with his slicked back, Brylcreemed ducktails and thin, thin belt holding up a tight pair of buttoned up Levi’s. Too cool. — Don Dungan ‘67 June 11, 2007

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Steve and I were best friends in Las Cruces High. We didn’t share every interest, but we both had a taste for adventure and humor – and taking these to the edge. After high school, I went away to college, and Steve and I parted ways in terms of career and lifestyle. But whenever I returned to Las Cruces to visit family, Steve and I always got together, and we could always relate closely due to our shared sense of humor.
steveteen.jpg Of course everyone who met Steve, or listened to him on the radio, was aware of his funny side. He was a spontaneous comedian. But with friends his sense of humor often ranged wider and deeper than he usually allowed in public. Irony, sarcasm, the absurd, the bizarre – he relished them all, as I did.

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