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Remembering Steve Crosno by David Holliday

Click here for the Crosno Tribute Blog & some great Crosno videos This was a note to my trumpet instructor/mentor, Ralph Jones, a little over a year before Steve Crosno passed away. He had sent a newspaper clipping about Crosno, who was battling cancer at the time. Like all the rest of us, Ralph loved Steve Crosno.


Ralph – Thanks for sending this. I have a lot of great memories about Crosno. I saw him live on many occasions and we all listened to him constantly on KELP, and you’re right, he did commute daily from Las Cruces…I remember the idea of a 20 minute commute was a really strange concept at the time.

Crosno was obviously the star DJ of that time in El Paso. He was like our own Wolfman Jack. I loved Crosno’s show because he featured local acts….usually one of the big Hispanic bands like ‘Sonny and the Sunliners’ or ‘Danny and the Night Dreamers’. They were the foundation of Crosno’s ‘El Paso Sound’.

Another Crosno discovery from El Paso during the 60’s was the ‘Bobby Fuller 4’. Anytime I think about Crosno, Fuller immediately comes to mind and the other way around. Fuller was like a Buddy Holly knockoff, but was really good. His band got a recording contract and he had his big hit in the mid-60’s with ‘I Fought the Law’, which went to No. 1 nationally. The band was made up of Fuller, his brother and two locals.

Not long after he became nationally famous, the band moved to LA, Fuller apparently got into some trouble there and was murdered. There was a pretty good article in Texas Monthly about Bobby Fuller 8 or 10 years ago. I count myself fortunate to have seen Fuller’s band play a couple of times at local dances back then.

The local equivalent of Crosno here in Dallas is Ron Chapman, a Crosno contemporary who is retiring at the end of this month. Chapman also had a local TV dance show, similar to Crosno’s Hop, during the 60’s/70’s. He and Crosno were loved by the kids, and now by those of us who used to be kids. I found this on the Internet…its not exactly fine art, but it was a good tune and it worked. Give my best to Karlene – d

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